Who is this for?

For anyone who wants to manage stress and the pressures of life better, especially if you feel overwhelmed.

What problems does it address?

The course addresses the coping mechanisms we use to manage stress as well as unhelpful attitudes we may have towards stress.

How will life look like afterwards?

You will receive a new set of tools and practices to live a less overwhelmed life, resulting in a healthier, more peaceful life.

How does it work?

The Stress Course is based upon how Jesus managed stress in the Bible. You’ll learn how to identify the external points of stress and the internal triggers that exaggerate the reality of the pressures you face.

What’s the format?

90 minute sessions run once a week for 10 weeks, including both teaching and practice.


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What does it cost?

Free to all.

Who is this run by?

Mervyn and Clare Suffield
GP and Psychotherapist, respectively, and founders of Streams of Hope

Can I be trained in this?

If you want to help others learn healthier responses to the trials and tests of life, you can get trained in delivering the Stress Course. We have training and resources available. The only requirement is you need to have previously completed the Stress Course.

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