Who is this for?

The Recovery Course is for those completely new to recovery as well as those who have been in recovery for years, but who would like to take a fresh look at the 12-steps from a Christian perspective.

What problems does it address?

Are you struggling with an addiction to eating, alcohol, drugs, porn, shopping, medication, exercise, relationships, technology, self-harm, sex, or gambling? This course is open to anyone who feels like an addiction or compulsive behaviour is spoiling their life.

What will life look like afterwards?

Every person responds differently, however everyone who joined us on this course found it helpful and encouraging. Rather than explain it ourselves, we’ll let past participants tell you in their own words…

(Feedback is anonymous to protect the identities of past participants.)

Because of The Recovery Course I’ve saved money and improved my health. The whole experience has been very helpful and encouraging.
If it were not for this course I would have been homeless — I have been made to feel so accepted and welcome with my addiction.
I wanted to find out why I overeat. The course made me think about why I turn to food. I now stop and ask myself if I really need to have a second helping of food when I get upset. I turn to prayer instead of food. I would recommend it to anyone who has a problem or an addiction.
I found The Recovery Course a great space to open up. I came along because of an unhealthy and addictive connection with sex. Now in my life I’m more able to recognise my weaknesses and put boundaries in place. I feel I have come so far and don’t want to go back.
I’ve not had a drink for six and a half weeks. I love that this course is Christian, especially all the Scripture that goes with the course.
My internet and phone usage was out of control. I found the course challenging, sometimes hard to hear but grateful that people have shared. The videos are good, hard-hitting, but Gospel-centred. I'm now making progress and being more dependant on God.
I felt nervous before coming and that was the biggest hurdle. I’m so pleased I did. Thank you.

How does it work?

There’s food, talk, and conversation.

Each week there is some simple ‘coursework’ that helps each participant to explore each of the 12-steps in a deeper way. Nobody has to do the coursework, but it's fair to say that the guests who throw themselves into this are the ones who profit the most. The coursework is entirely for the guest's benefit and no one has to see it; it is completely private.

What’s the format?

The course runs once a week for 15 weeks. A typical evening starts at 7pm for food, which is then followed by a 15/20-minute talk and then discussion in same-sex small groups for around an hour.


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What does it cost?

Free to all.

Find out more

The Recovery Course was developed by Recovery Two and is based on the 12-step programme used for 75 years by Alcoholics Anonymous and incorporates teaching and wisdom from the Bible.

The course has run at Holy Trinity Brompton over the last 7 years by people who are themselves in recovery from addiction.

Can I be trained in this?

Yes. RecoveryTwo, who designed the course, offer training.