Love After Marriage (LAM) is a Holy Spirit-led journey 
into emotional, spiritual, and sexual oneness. Enhance, transform, and renew your marriage and intimacy together as God intended.

Who is this for?

This is for any married couple who desires to feel closer or more connected with one another. It’s designed to set healthy marriages on fire and rekindle struggling marriages. You’re invited to a deeper experience of excitement and intimacy together.

Ralph and Lucy
Through LAM, we took time to look at our relationship rather than just being in relationship. It helped us communicate with each other. We talked about issues we had been avoiding and started to address them rather than sweep them under the carpet. If you want to make things better, LAM will do this for you.
— Ralph & Lucy Westmacott

What problems does it address?

If you feel shut-down, find it difficult to resolve conflict, or don’t experience the sexual oneness you desire, Love After Marriage is for you.

What will life look like afterwards?

You’ll become more comfortable to be yourself, share your needs, and experience what God intended marriage to be… the most fulfilling relationship He’s given to us! You’ll also be able to identify and resolve issues that rob you the pleasure of enjoying one another.

Chris and Ellie
LAM has helped us to remember we are important as individuals and worthy of respect and love. We have stopped dominating each other and listen more. We feel so much closer and have stopped putting work and other people before one another.
— Chris & Ellie Parsons

How does it work?

Each week there will be teaching on an aspect of marriage followed by practical exercises in a small group setting, designed to increase understanding and intimacy.

What’s the format?

2 hour sessions for 10–12 weeks. Discussion and exercises are in small group.

Feb–Apr 2019 LAM Course

Dates & Venue

Hosted at Winchester Vineyard Church on the following dates…

Fri 1st Feb 7.30–10pm
Sat 2nd Feb 9.30am–4.30pm

Mon 4th Feb 7.30–10pm

Mon 11th Feb 7.30–10pm

Mon 25th Feb 7.30–10pm

Mon 4th Mar 7.30–10pm

Mon 11th Mar 7.30–10pm

Mon 18th Mar 7.30–10pm

Mon 25th Mar 7.30–10pm

Fri 5th Apr 7.30–10pm
Sat 6th Apr 9.30am–4.30pm

Apply to join

Applications are currently closed. Deadline for registration was Monday 28th January.


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What does it cost?

This course involves a high-level of commitment.
 Cost is £50 per couple to cover materials. Open to all married couples local to Winchester.

Who is this run by?

Mervyn and Clare Suffield
GP and Psychotherapist, respectively, and founders of Streams of Hope

Nigel & Gill Jameson

Ralph & Lucy Westmacott

Find out more

Course and materials were developed by Barry & Lori Byrne of Nothing Hidden Ministries, based in Redding, California.

Can I be trained in this?

Do you want to strengthen marriages and future-proof couples from divorce and disconnection? You can get trained and facilitate a LAM course. The only requirement is to have previously completed the LAM course.

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