Streams of Hope

Do you feel stuck?

➜ Does it feel like things might never change?

➜ Are you frustrated or simply need more hope?

➜ Are you trying to do things by yourself?

If any of this is true, there is hope.

Streams of Hope exists to help you become who God says you are.


Our ministries


First Stop

Find out what ministry will help you most.



Identify and deal with root causes hindering your intimacy with Father, Son, & Spirit.


Love After Marriage

Discover a deeper level of connection and experience the marriage you’ve always wanted.


Stress Course

Learn to manage stress in a more Christ-centred way.


Mindfulness for Christians

Learn to be present in a distracted world. Build your self-awareness and God-awareness


The Recovery Course

Overcome compulsive or addictive behaviours. A 12-step course leading you to freedom.


With the help of our many volunteers

Over 1,000 people have found more hope and healing 

Nigel & Jo Hemming

“We have seen the incredible power of these ministries to change and transform lives and connect people more deeply with God.”

— Nigel & Jo Hemming, Winchester Vineyard church leaders


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You’re not alone.

We’re a team who have all experienced a helping hand in times of need. That’s why we’re here for you.

Members of our team are: SOZO and LAM certified trainers, accredited Christian Mindfulness practitioners, certified stress trainers, and qualified Life Coaches.

Streams of Hope exists to bring breakthrough for anyone who wants to find healing and experience a living hope.

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Get Started Today

Nothing changes until there’s a first step.

We want to help you find the change your heart is asking you for. Don’t let circumstances rob you of what God has intended for your life.

If you don’t know where to start, try ‘First Stop.’ Together we’ll explore what ministry will be most helpful for you.