We love seeing people get free

You’re not alone. We’re a team who have all experienced a helping hand in times of need. Everybody needs that and we’re here for you.

Just as many streams converge into one river, we believe God meets us and heals us in different ways. We started this ministry to bring together those streams and help others find the right one for them.

Members of our team are: SOZO and LAM certified trainers, accredited Christian Mindfulness practitioners, certified stress trainers, and qualified Life Coaches.

Streams of Hope exists to help bring a breakthrough for anyone who wants to find healing and experience hope again.


Founded by

Mervyn and Clare Suffield

Part of


What we believe

The Holy Spirit

The Spirit of God wants to transform you. Without Him, we’re powerless.

The Whole Person

Each person is spirit, soul, and body. God wants to bring healing to every part.

Many Streams

One size does not fit all. God meets and heals us in different ways.